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As the summer season approaches, your garage can be a haven from the heat or even more deciding what you want to do with the space. As the summer heat rises little by little, you can do away with all the stored cold-weather items and make room for some reliable ideas to turn your space into the perfect garage for you. This guide will give you a few ideas about how to do a seasonal makeover and how it can benefit you and others this summer.

Whether you choose to use your garage as a workshop or a storage facility, chances are you struggle to keep all your odds and ends organized and easily accessible. If you are like most people, your garage likely houses everyday tools and bikes along with numerous other summer must-haves, such as hoses, lawnmowers, and weed eaters. With all summer’s sunshine, the season is optimal for implementing a new garage organization system and updating this all-too-frequently neglected space’s overall look and functionality.

Great Ideas For Garage Space
Unlike other areas of the home that contain room-specific items, your garage may be filled with various items. This variety can challenge garage organization, from nails and screwdrivers to bike pumps and car wax. Fortunately, a few minor updates can drastically improve the efficiency of your garage. Here are some ideas for making sure you’re using your space to your full advantage:

Creating A Workspace
Installing a magnetic tool bar, for instance, is an excellent way to store small tools. This toolbar is much more effective than drawers or bins since it allows each item to remain visible and within reach. For heavier tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers, or hammers, large tool hooks provide the same effect while keeping these heftier tools safely secured in place. Other items may be best organized with racks, shelves, or other garage organizers explicitly designed for the environment.

Creating More Storage Space
If you park your vehicles in your garage, your storage space will always be limited. Indeed, you should continue to utilize the space as intended, but many homeowners now opt to install overhead storage on the walls and ceilings of their garages. You’ll find that racks are among the most popular options, but you may also choose more traditional cabinets or shelving. You will need a simple step ladder to reach your items. This option has proved much more convenient than relocating infrequently used outdoor items to a basement or attic for storage. Along with creating more space by adding shelves or overhead compartments, you can also ass hooks to your side walls to hold tools and equipment.

Other Great Seasonal Ideas for The Summer
Who needs to spend a fortune on an expensive addition when you can maximize your existing square footage? Your garage can be reborn as an extension of your living area, perfect for creating unforgettable get-togethers. Besides extra storage space, plenty of other great uses for your garage this summer. Here’s how you can also use the additional space:

Create A Game Room
Imagine cheering on your favorite team with your friends and family in a dedicated space. Install a TV, comfy seating, and a mini fridge to keep the drinks flowing. String up some lights and add team-themed decorations for an extra touch. Beyond being the center for gaming, it can be a nice place to have movie nights with the garage door open or a space for the kids to play. Transforming your garage into a place of entertainment is an idea that benefits everyone.

A Space For The Family
One of the most remarkable things about the summer months is the amount of free time that flows. Whether you have family visiting, birthdays and holidays to celebrate, or just want to have some good memories with the people you love, having a remodeled garage can help. Epoxy flooring can give guests smooth floors. Seating and tables can transform a hang-out into a potluck. With the extra space, you can host however you want.

A Garage Made All For You
With these ideas and many others, you can get an early start on whatever remodel you desire for that extra space, whether you’re looking for storage, entertainment, or to become the life of the neighborhood with your garage remodel. For more insight on how you can get started on your remodeling ideas, you can contact experts like those at Square 1 Garage Solutions. Let professionals bring your ideas to fruition. With the extra space now being valuable and meaningful you and yours can enjoy the Summer however you like.

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