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Square One is the expert in garage storage Pasadena families love. Recently we helped out Terry H., a retired Fire Chief in Pasadena. Terry was surrounded by clutter and chaos in his garage, so he started to look for a solution to help. He discovered Square One, and in a short time he had a peace of mind. Look at the transformation, doesn’t his garage look great? We think so!

Terry also commented on how much he enjoys his garage.

“Thanks to you I really have something to be proud of.  You were right, the Monkey Bar system has turned out to be everything you said it would be and more.  Walking around the cars with tons of hanging items on the shelves has been no problem.  Six of the totes on the left side are still empty in fact.”

Garage Shelving

Terry chose to go with Monkey Bar shelving, look at all the items they can hold! They are durable enough to store 1000 lbs every 4 ft! There is a built in safety edge on the shelves to help keep all those storage bins in place. The Monkey Bar system allows storage underneath the shelving through a series of hooks and accessories.

Terry finished of his garage with top of the line flooring. The flooring is stain resistant and won’t crack or fade.

Garage Flooring

The process of installing Polyurea Base flooring is for Square One’s trained professionals to diamond grind the floor before applying any finishes. Diamond grinding the garage floor eliminates stains and smooths out cracked and rough surfaces. Terry chose to go with the colors grey and black for his flooring, but there are a variety of options to choose from. Once the colors were chosen, the next step was to apply one layer of primer. This first primer penetrates deep into the open pores of the concrete. Once this layer is applied the mechanical and chemical bond is created leaving the surface guaranteed not to crack or break apart.

Once the first coat drys the second coat of Polyurea Base is applied. When the second coat is still wet the colored chips are added. The floor is then brushed to remove excess chips before the final step. Last a final layer of Polyaspartic top coat is applied to help the floor get that excellent shine. Once dry it is practically maintenance free. That sounds great!

Terry loves all the new features of his garage. He is grateful Square One helped him spring clean his garage storage in Pasadena.

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