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Slat Wall is an amazing solution for all sorts of garage spaces.  Much of the slat wall these days is made of heavy PVC. It is perfect for the garage environment and won’t warp or deteriorate, is moisture resistant, and incredibly versatile.  Slat wall can make your entire wall or small area usable storage space and is incredibly customizable.

You may be most familiar with this versatile material in workbench areas, where small hand tools and other frequently used items are hanging (taking the place of that old pegboard that often deteriorated in the heat and humidity of your garage space).   Slat wall can also be useful for hanging lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, chairs, scooters, strollers, bikes and just about anything with a hook or handle.

Slat wall is incredibly customizable too…do you have a small narrow area near your entranceway under your garage door rail?  How about placing some slat wall here and hanging your lawn and garden tools close to the outside where you use them so you won’t have to drag dirt and debris through the garage when putting them back?  This is also a great space for mats, chairs and other items you’d like to be able to “grab and go” often and keep them safely off the floor and away from your cars?  How about a small space near where you enter your home from the garage; is this where you often find mops, brooms, umbrellas and other items laying on the floor or pushed into a corner?  How about adding a small section of slat wall and all of these items can hang safely to dry as well as help you keep your walkway from becoming a tripping hazard.  Do you already have a track system installed?  Slat wall allows you to hang more items as you can vary the heights of your items and make more use of the space.  Take your tracks and put them together vertically and you would be able to mount more items in more spaces in about the same amount of area used.

Just when you think that your space is too small and narrow and that your car barely makes it inside and that storage solutions for your space are non-existent; you can always fit some slat wall in your space and create the storage space you didn’t think was possible.

You may have also noticed all of those cool hooks and baskets that hold your fitness equipment at your gym or studio?  It’s slat wall.  Been inside a specialty sports or apparel store where many items are lined up neatly on hooks on the wall?  Slat Wall.  Slat wall can also be used in unfinished garage and shed spaces so that you can create moisture resistant storage space anywhere.

Since slat wall is cut to fit your space it is also a great way to “blend” your sprinkler box, outlet, light switch, or horribly placed pipes on your wall and use this space for hanging items where you need them.

Slat Wall accessories can get costly and most manufacturers these days are making their slat wall so that only their accessories will fit.  Find out the name of the company that is manufacturing your slat wall so that you know if there are enough options for hooks and accessories you can find locally.

Installing slat wall can also be a tricky DIY project if you’re not prepared.  Installing slat wall in drywall means you have to attach your fasteners to the studs in your wall and, if installing into concrete block, you need to have different fasteners and be sure not to install in a grout line (seriously, this happens).  Professionally installed slat wall will provide you with the security of knowing that the correct fasteners were used in the appropriate amounts and, if installing in concrete, that any backing used is either moisture resistant or treated to ensure that moisture or pests can’t cause you problems behind your wall.

Have some fun with slat wall.  There are different colors and finishes to fit your space and personality and maybe inspire your neighbors to clean up their space too!

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