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Slat Wall

Do you know about Slat Wall

Slat Wall is an amazing solution for all sorts of garage spaces.  Much of the slat wall these days is made of heavy PVC. It is perfect for the garage environment and won’t warp or deteriorate, is moisture resistant, and incredibly versatile.  Slat wall can make your entire wall or…
Jessica McClure
December 4, 2023

A New Way to Think About Garage Storage:

 More than 50% of the clients we meet have moved into their new homes from another climate or area of the country. Just as every climate and area can be different, the available storage space will also change based on design and floor plans in a new area. Most clients…
Jessica McClure
December 4, 2023


Square One is the expert in garage storage Pasadena families love. Recently we helped out Terry H., a retired Fire Chief in Pasadena. Terry was surrounded by clutter and chaos in his garage, so he started to look for a solution to help. He discovered Square One, and in a…
RCP Admin
July 31, 2023
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