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Durable Flooring

Give your garage a gorgeous floor that lasts.

Garage Flooring Homeowners Love.

Elevate your garage beyond a basic concrete storage area with our exquisite range of flooring options. Our garage flooring solutions not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also offer practical advantages. Experience the ease of cleaning and low-maintenance benefits as our flooring options are specifically designed to withstand heavy usage while adding a touch of sophistication to your garage. Transform your garage into a stunning living space that combines aesthetics and functionality with our premium flooring choices.


Our professionals are trained and experienced to transform any concrete surface with the best garage floor. Square 1 Garage Solutions properly prepares and finishes your garage floor to create a beautiful and unique space. Our floor coating consists of a Polyurea Base coat, full broad cast chip flake, and a Polyaspartic top coat for the best in UV protection.


Gorgeous Garage flooring in Tampa are the best garage floor tiles offered. We know that our floor tiles will never fade, peel up, or crack under pressure.

These garage floor tiles will stun you with how stylish and functional they can be. They are fully customizable with many different designs and colors to choose from.

It’s super easy to clean up this garage flooring. All you need is a hose or a rag to wash it down with some water or simple cleaner. It’s oil, chemical, and water resistant to make any spill easy to clean up.

We offer a 15-year warranty on our garage tiles because we are confident they will last for a long, long time. You can rest easy knowing you are getting the highest quality product with the best warranty.

Polyaspartic Top Coats – Features & Benefits

Once the final coat is applied, you will be shocked at the difference. Your new floor adds value to your home and puts the old, grimy ground to shame.

Full Coverage: With a full floor coating, there’s not a spot where chemicals can seep in. We ensure the best quality for your home with stain-resistant garage floor.

Long-Lasting: The materials we use to install the final coat are the most durable and toughest on the market. This protects your concrete from normal wear and tear.

Our garage floor is the most versatile floor to date. The originality and ability to transform any concrete surface into a beautiful, anti-skid surface making it perfect for your garage.

Tile Floors – Features & Benefits

Quick Install: Our professionals will come to your home at a time and a day that is right for you. Then in just a few hours, you will have the garage of your dreams. Authorized dealers to ensure a proper installation.

Moves With You: When you put money and effort into creating the perfect garage, you want to take it with you when you move. Our tiles are transportable, so you won’t have to ever leave them behind.

Strength and Durability: We only use the highest industrial grade material to create our garage flooring in West Central Florida. This will ensure that the tiles will not warp or bow over time.

Slip Resistant: Your safety is our priority. We make our tiles slip resistant so your garage can look great and be safe for all members of the family as well. Tiles are slip resistant even when wet.

Sealed Flooring: Our tiles are non-porous so they won’t hold onto dirt, grime, oil, water, chemicals, and whatever else you can throw at it. Unlike concrete, which will hold on to everything, you can know that your garage will be easy to keep clean with our sealed-up flooring.

Quality: Our tiles have an extremely high rollover weight capacity of 75,000 lbs

15 Year Warranty: The materials we use to install the final coat are the most durable and toughest on the market. This protects your concrete from seasonal elements like snow, salt used for deicing, or your normal wear and tear.

Custom Designs: With five designs and 19 colors, any design is possible.

It’s more than storage. It’s you’re life.™



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