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We’re blessed every day to work with a variety of clients around Tampa from varying neighborhoods and backgrounds. One of the most common questions we receive revolves around the housing market. After doing garage storage installs in Tampa homeowners frequently ask me how they can stand out in the saturated real estate market around here. Without hesitation, I tell them they’re already doing it by beautifying their garage! Of course, that’s not always what they want to hear.

We live in a competitive market. Highland Homes of Tampa writes “With its abundance of great small businesses and diverse residents, as well as access to excellent job opportunities, exciting outdoor destinations, and some of the country’s best craft breweries and beaches, Tampa is truly one of the best places to live in the state, if not the nation.” With so many people moving here, it’s important to stand out amongst the many looking to sell their homes.

I’ve collected 10 useful home Improvement tips to stand out in the market and sell for the best price in the quickest amount of time. If you’re considering selling at any time or just want to receive a better home appraisal, read on.

Stop Procrastinating

Most homebuyers are going to have any potential home inspected. Nothing can be more detrimental to a sale than faulty repairs or items that need TLC. That leaky faucet that has been “adding character” for the last 4 years needs to be repaired before you consider getting listed in our housing market.  Similar to buying a car, regardless of how pretty it looks on the outside, if it’s not running you’re likelihood of buying it is pretty low. Investing in maintenance and repairs should come before any other repairs or improvements to your home.

Get Destructive

Ever heard the old adage “Less is more?” We’re not talking about the lectures our parents gave us for talking their ears off when we were younger. Today’s housing market calls for space, and lots of it! Doing demolition projects is never an easy project to embark on. Every homeowner can understand the fear of knocking down a wall and finding their roof on top of them. That being said, these are tips to stand out. This is the one improvement that requires very little financial investment and can yield huge returns. Create an open floor plan and embark on the sledgehammer journey of making it happen. Knock out a few walls, or remove a kitchen island. Whatever opens up your home is going to help your value skyrocket and modernize the atmosphere immensely. Of course, it’s best to consult with a professional if you’re unsure of what can be taken out and knocked down. Although you never know, upstairs bathtubs could make a great kitchen feature in the future!

Start Pruning

If your kids have been avoiding the outdoors for fear of being eaten alive by an overgrown forest of weeds in your yard, it might be a good idea to start landscaping. One of the greatest benefits of landscaping is you can do most of it yourself with little assistance. However, landscapers are many in Tampa and they’ll do wonders to help you overcome the dandelions that have set base in your yard. There’s always the added benefit of getting the children outside and out of your hair for a few hours as well. I

If you have a section in your yard that seems too far gone to repair, consider replacing it with a concrete pad. An extra space in the driveway or a basketball court in the back are all perks that can attract buyers immensely. If you’re feeling adventurous you can do the job yourself. However, blog writers for Southern Crafted Homes are quick to point out that “Hot, dry, or windy days create challenges for concrete masons. The hydration reaction that gives concrete its strength happens much faster in hot weather. What that means to the mason is the batch of concrete will quickly lose its slump and becomes hard to place and to finish.” In other words, this may be a project better suited for the fall or winter unless you feel confident in your masonry skills.

Lights on!

One of the best parts of living in Tampa is that there’s never a lack of sunlight. Yet so many properties on the housing market here aren’t taking advantage of these luscious rays. Consider adding a skylight to your roof. Bonus points if it’s over a room with a few of those walls you just knocked out. Increasingly popular around Tampa are sun tubes. Similar to a skylight, but cheaper and easier to install, a sun tube is a great way to utilize the natural light around us.

If cutting into your roof seems too daunting of a task, electrical lighting is in huge demand as well.  Dimmers are becoming hugely popular as they allow you to create a certain mood in the home. Theatre lighting is great for larger spaces that need additional warmth. Brighter lights can help expand small spaces and open them up. Whatever your need is, don’t neglect this important aspect of home improvement.

Latch on to the Green Trend

“Going green” is a phrase that’s become all too familiar today. Buzzwords are a great way to draw interest to your home. Nothing makes someone sign paperwork faster than the social status that comes from knowing their carbon footprint is lower than the rest of their neighbors.  The first area to improve on is your heating and air conditioning. People love saving money, and new air conditioning units can offer savings of up to 40% over older models.

The Appraisal Journal conducted research that suggests that your home can increase in value 20-fold from improvements made in energy efficiency. Now more than ever Tampa buyers in the housing market are searching for homes that offer efficient operating costs.

Create that first Impression

By improving your front door. Many people don’t realize the intrinsic value that comes from a great-looking front door. Improvements can be as cheap as painting the door to remove scratches and fading colors. However, often overlooked are smaller details like a working doorbell or an overhang to protect from the sun and rain.

Another quality improvement on the exterior is a deck. Large decks are often in demand and can augment a home’s appearance immensely. Many of our homes in Tampa lack a conventional deck in place of concrete pads or yarded entry. To really set yourself apart, consider doing this improvement and give yourself the enjoyment of outside lounging.

Look down

If you find yourself stepping on linoleum with a hue of grape juice and coffee, you’re not doing your home the justice it deserves. Reports state that a simple investment of $500 and yield returns of up to $1,500 to $2,000. Faux-wood options exist today and are cheaper than ever before to enhance the look and feel of your home.

If you’re not wanting to do an entire flooring makeover, then do small improvements. Find areas where squeaks are prevalent and nail them down. Clean stains as much as possible and do all you can to improve the general aesthetic of your flooring.

Sometimes you may find that your home won’t look complete without a new floor. Hardwood is a great option here as it stays cool, and is easy to clean. Don’t be afraid to check under old carpet as well. If your home is older, oftentimes you’ll find a beautiful hardwood floor underneath.

Frost is out

Updated bathrooms are one of the easiest repairs that can be done to increase value in the market. You’ll find that most bathrooms can be modernized for relatively little cost. It may not be the cheapest option to replace old flooring or cabinets, however a variety of improvements can be done on the fly, and inexpensively.

Look around the web for bathroom ideas that seem interesting to the common consumer today. For example, clear glass is far more popular today than frost. Changing small things like cabinet pulls, doorknobs, faucets, etc. will update the look of your bathroom dramatically. Clean old grout, apply new caulking and remove rust stains. Get creative and your bathrooms can be a major selling point!

Tone it down

Remember the joy you felt painting your son’s room pastel blue? What about the red walls in your guest bedroom? There’s nothing that adds excitement to a home like color. However, the majority of people think their sense of color is better than yours. Create an environment where the Tampa buyer can imagine their own colors and ideas for their future home.

By eliminating your personal touches to the home, buyers will feel more inclined to make the changes they want to their new home. Paint walls with neutral colors of off-white or beige. Use this time to update broken moldings, switch plates, and anything else that needs replacement.

Quirks are only cute in People

Chances are you know the inner workings of your home better than anyone else. You’ve probably grown to appreciate the ugly shag carpet in your basement, or the pink fence surrounding your backyard. Every homeowner knows their home has quirks. However, buyers in this Tampa housing market aren’t looking for quirks. Remove any confusion factor they might have from walking around your house.

Try to visualize yourself as a buyer of your home. If you were to tour your home, what would seem strange? Find and repair anything that might stand out. Spaghetti noodles stuck to the top of your kitchen ceiling? Get rid of them! Crayon marks on your daughter’s wall? What a great opportunity to paint it a neutral color. Whatever the oddities are, do all you can to remove any trace of them and make your home as boring as possible.

It’s not so bad!

Embarking on projects to increase value isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. Be patient with yourself as you learn how to do different projects. Contractors don’t become what they are overnight! That being said, oftentimes you may find times when you need to hire someone else.

Feel free to contact us with any other ideas you’ve had. If you’ve reached the point where you’re pulling your hair out trying to organize your garage, we’re happy to step in there as well! Whatever the case may be, you won’t regret the investment that comes from the simple home improvements listed above.

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