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Recently one of our sister companies posted this article about the proper way to construct and design a man cave. Upon reading it we felt inspired to make something a little more applicable to those of us in a sunnier side of the United States. With college football season starting next month, what better way to get ready than to make your own man cave dedicated to the best team out there- the Gators. We’re compiled 5 different inspirational ideas to construct your own man cave. From the looks of it, nobody has done this around Tampa, so make yourself the first one to do something different.

Idea 1: Lighting the Lesions

When we came across this idea we fell in love. What better way to put your man cave off to a great start than creating mood lighting? This man cave setup has accomplished a unique feel of luxury mixed with beer and Buffalo wings. There’s no better way to make your own gators setup pop than with blue and orange ambient lighting. Amazon sells both blue and orange  lightbulbs to make this happen. With a simple table lamp from any department store you can be on your way to an attractive decoration that will have the whole block talking.

Idea 2: Reign Down on Alabama, Get a Rug!

This setup really manages to impress with great wall decorations, custom couches, and even a custom pool table. However what stands out the most is the focal point of the rug. If you want to really spruce up your cave, consider purchasing a UF rug to make your carpet a little less boring. They can be found online for relatively cheap, and they make a world of difference to your design. Why not give it a try?

Idea 3: Go for the Luxury Approach

Worried that your wife is going to want to use your man cave as a public space to entertain? If you end up losing that battle, you can still easily incorporate your own design into the basement bar. This design showcases how luxury touches can turn something that would usually be reserved for your son’s high school football team into a place of elegance and class. Wood floors, stainless steel, and bronzed barstools all off something unique to try with your own man cave. Consider using framed jerseys, helmets, and flat screen TV’s to add that extra touch of class.

Idea 4: Caved in

For those of us with less space, this option presents an attractive option that still gives you the best of a garage based man cave, this is an excellent choice. The key here is to use ceiling lighting that’s darker, and darker colored walls. To keep with the gators theme, try using a darker forest green or rust orange wall color. Dim lighting can be found in any home improvement store. We recommend using a dimmer. Our friends at Light Style of Tampa Bay offers this advice on how using a dimmer can cut energy costs as well. Not only is this a well thought out idea that offers a cozy feel, your wife will love it for the money it saves.

Idea 5: “Too Much Sports Gear” Doesn’t Exist

Every now and then we decide to do something totally off the wall with our homes. In this case, it’s clear that they wanted to do something “on the wall.” If you’re able to round together enough vintage football helmets to match your gator pride, you might be able to do something as wild as this. One of the things we really love is the personal style that’s obviously present in his design. From the unique seating arrangements to the bright colors, and even a rug designed to look like a football field. This man has managed to make game days feel like he’s actually there. If you have a large amount of sports memorabilia gathered- this might be a great option for you.

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