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During this time of year, overhead storage racks are highly sought-after storage solutions. These racks, typically 4’x 8′ platforms, are mounted into your garage ceiling trusses. They allow you to utilize your ceiling space by storing items up high. Similar to an attic, these exposed racks provide limited storage space for items like seasonal decorations and memorabilia that you don’t need frequent access to. If you have a reasonably high ceiling (between 9′ and 12′) and some space above your garage door, you can discreetly install overhead racks that remain mostly hidden from view. While you’ll still need a ladder to reach your items, these racks are ideal for storing long-term items that don’t require immediate accessibility.

If you have high ceilings or prefer not to use ladders, there are motorized and alternative options available for easy and convenient lifting and lowering of your storage lift. These options not only provide accessibility but also add a touch of coolness to the experience. However, keep in mind that there are factors to consider, such as the space required around the lift, power for motors, and cost.

While various companies offer overhead storage racks in different sizes, the most popular size is typically 4’x 8′. This size offers the best balance between storage space and price. Smaller sizes like 3’x 6′, 4’x 4′, and 2’x 8′ are also available, so remember that overhead racks are just one potential solution and not the only option. If you need storage in a smaller space, there are many other storage solutions available that don’t involve overhead installation.

Choosing where to purchase your overhead racks is just as crucial as the product itself. If you buy from a big box retailer or online, you’ll need to handle the installation yourself or find someone to do it for you. Keep in mind that not all overhead racks are created equal in terms of materials, thickness, and weight capacities. Depending on your comfort level with installation or the availability of a local handy person, you might decide that it’s better to choose a company that provides both the overhead racks and professional installation. While this option may cost slightly more, it saves you a significant amount of time and frustration. Plus, your family will have peace of mind knowing that professionals installed the racks, which hang over their cars and heads, and come with a warranty for added security.

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